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Part 2: Adding details to your digital stamp card
Part 2: Adding details to your digital stamp card

Learn how to add details to your digital stamp card.

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Part 2: Details

1 - Click on the ‘Details’ tab.

Add in your stamp card description. For example “Collect 10 stamps and get 1 free coffee!” or “Get cool rewards at Abba Java!”. This will appear on the back of your card in Apple Wallet and on your stamp card enrollment page.

Then describe what your customers need to do to earn 1 stamp. For example “Spend $5 to get 1 stamp” or “Get 1 stamp for every coffee you purchase”.

2 - Enter the business name you want to display on your customers' lock screen. This will appear any time you send a push message or trigger a location based message.

3 - Fill in your reward information.

  • Reward name: name of your reward. “Coffee” or “Pastry” or “10% off”.

  • Description: describe what happens when customers collect all stamps. “10 stamps = 1 free coffee” or “Get a free coffee after purchasing 10 coffees”.

  • Stamp success message: the message customers will receive every time they earn a stamp. “{#} more stamps until your free coffee!” or “Only{#} more stamps until your reward!”. Important: Use the {#} as the placeholder. The {#} will be replaced by the actual number of stamps.

  • Reward success message: the message customers will see when they’ve earned a reward. “You’ve earned a free coffee!” or “Congrats! Your next coffee is on us.”

4 - Select an expiry option for your digital stamp cards. For example:

  • Cards will never expire

  • Cards will expire on 31 December 2017

  • Cards will expire 60 days after a customer signs up for it

Setting an expiration date gives your customers more incentive to earn stamps quicker in order to claim their reward.


Once you activate your card you CANNOT change the expiry date.

If there is a chance that the expiry date could change we strongly recommend choosing 'Cards will never expire' and use a 'soft' expiry date stated in your terms and conditions. That way you can update that if you later decide to change the expiry conditions.

5 - Add links to your digital stamp card. Include your website, Facebook page, telephone number, email, address, and more.

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