Let your customers know where your digital stamp card can be used and trigger location based messages when customers are near your location(s).

1 - Click on the plus icon to add a location.

2a - Add your location details and click on 'Create Location'.

  • Location name: Name of your location (e.g. Abba Java Cafe).
  • Search for location by address: This address will be used to trigger lock screen messages.
  • Address to display: The address that will be displayed on your digital stamp card (if you choose to display an address).

2b - If you already have locations set up, you can simply tap on the plus icon to add the location to this card.

Note: You will need to go back to 'Settings' and 'Locations' to modify the address to display.

3 - Toggle the 'Display' to show this location on your digital stamp card.

4 - Optional: add a message to display on the lock screen when customers are near this location.

Part 4: Terms & Support
Part 5: Data Collection
Part 6a: Adding customizations to your digital stamp card
Part 6b: Changing the default field(s) on your digital stamp cards
Part 7: Activating your card

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