Designing a prepaid stamp card

Learn how to design a prepaid stamp cards with this step by step tutorial.

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While Loopy Loyalty was designed as a ‘counting up to get a reward’ kind of stamp card, we are are seeing a number of innovative businesses using Loopy Loyalty as a prepaid card. Asking your customers to pay it forward could be beneficial to secure much needed cashflow and lock in long term, loyal customers. 

Part 1: Design

Make sure to choose a Single Reward card and then select a number of stamps (with each stamp representing a prepaid item, service or product) from 1 to up to 30 stamps. 

In our example we will be creating a prepaid coffee card for a total of 10 coffee's. 

Now upload your logo, icon and choose your colours. Here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to design and customize your card

Part 2: Details

Click on the ‘Details’ tab.

Add in your stamp card description.

For example “$25 Coffee Card” or “Pay It Forward at Abba Java!”. This will appear on the back of your card in Apple Wallet and on your stamp card enrollment page.

Then describe what your customers need to do to "earn" 1 stamp. Now, normally, an example of what you would write here would be“Spend $5 to get 1 stamp” or “Get 1 stamp for every coffee you purchase” but since we are creating a prepaid stamp card we will write "You will receive 1 stamp for each prepaid coffee that is redeemed at Abba Java" 

You can preview your customers view on the right hand side. 

Enter your business name

This is the name that will display on your customers' lock screen. This will appear any time you send a push message or trigger a location based message.

Fill in your reward information.

Reward name:

  • this would normally be the name of your reward such as a “Free Coffee” or “Pastry” or “10% off” but since we're creating a prepaid card we recommend writing something such as "Thank you for being an awesome customer" instead. 


  • Describe what happens when customers collect all stamps. Normally this would say something such as “Get a free coffee after purchasing 10 coffees” but since this is a prepaid card we advice writing something like "You have redeemed all 10 coffee's!" instead. 

Stamp success message:

  • The message customers will receive every time they earn a stamp. This would normally say something such as “{#} more stamps until your free coffee!” but since we're creating a prepaid card you should change this into "{#} coffee's remaining" instead. Important: Use the {#} as the placeholder. The {#} will be replaced by the actual number of stamps.

Rewards success message:

  • Reward success message: the message customers will see when they’ve earned a reward. This would normall say something like “You’ve earned a free coffee!” but since this will be a prepaid card you change it into "Thank you! You have redeemed all your coffee's." instead. 

Select an expiry date.

There are 3 settings you can choose from.

  • Cards will never expire

  • Cards will expire on a certain date (e.g. 31 December 2024)

  • Cards will expire a certain number of days after the card is issued. (e.g. if you allow the prepaid card to be valid for 90 days after purchase, you choose 90 days after issue. A card issued on 1 April 2024 will expire on 30 June 2024 and a card issued on 24 April 2024 will expire on 23 July 2024).

Setting an expiration date gives your customers more incentive to redeem their coffee's faster. 

Important note: Once you activate a card you cannot change the expiry settings of your card so please make sure you experiment with some options in Draft format. Once you are happy with the settings then activate your card. If you are not sure, we recommend choosing the 'Cards will never expire' option and call out any validity conditions in your terms and conditions. This text is something you can change even after activation.

This works exactly the same for a prepaid card.

It is important that you add terms and conditions for your prepaid stamp card. One thing you surely want to mention is that the card can only be used by customers who have completed payment and that your company will remove or delete the card once all stamps have been redeemed.

Make sure you collect the type of data from your customers which allows you to verify their payment. If you use PayPal for example, ask your customers for the transaction reference which is included in the email confirmation which PayPal sends them after succesfully completing the payment. This allows you to ensure only those customers who paid for the prepaid card can enroll and add the card to their mobile wallet.

If you have access to our Growth or Ultimate plan, we suggest to update the label on the front of the card which normally says "STAMPS REQUIRED UNTIL NEXT REWARD" into something such as "COFFEES REMAINING". That way, your customer will see on the front of the card how many prepaid coffee's they have left to redeem.

Very important with a prepaid card is that you or your staff do NOT publicly share the unique card url or QR code. Instead of having customers sign up themselves (as they would normally do with a digital stamp card), we recommend you will use your unique card URL internally only, to enroll the customer instead. It’s recommended that you do this from a desktop or laptop. After clicking the purple “Join Now” button your browser will redirect you to page that shows a preview of the customer’s card within your browser. From this browser tab, you copy the URL that starts with 

Now email, Whatsapp or text this URL to your customer and ask them to open it on their smartphone and then tap the “Save to phone” or “Save to Wallet” button and proceed to add the prepaid card to their mobile wallet app. 

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