Understanding location based messages

Use GPS & beacons to deliver location based messages.

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Display a message when your customers are near your location(s) and/or beacon(s). Messages will appear on the lock screen of your customers' device like this:

It's very important to understand that you (the business) are not sending a message to the user when they are at a location. You are encoding the location(s) of your establishment in the loyalty card that your customer stores in Apple Wallet. It is then the phone that recognises it's in a location that is relevant to a card inside their Wallet app. i.e. the iPhone is scanning for GPS coordinates or Beacon UUIDs that match with those embedded in a loyalty card.

This is in contrast to notifications delivered to the lock screen when a card is updated with stamps and rewards (i.e. action triggered messages); location triggered messages are 'passive'.

Wallet Support:

  • GPS location-based messages - Apple Wallet only

  • Beacon based messages - Apple Wallet only

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