Part 3: Adding your location(s)

Learn how to add locations to your digital stamp card.

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---------- VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE (July 1, 2020) ------------

We received news from Google that they have turned off the Geo triggered notifications for Google Wallet for the moment. So, on Google's behalf, we are very sorry to inform you that any of your customers who use Android phones and have saved your digital stamp card to Google Wallet will no longer receive a notification when near to your location(s). Your customers can still access and use their pass in their Google Wallet app. They just won't see a notification to remind them of the pass when they are nearby.

Google tell us they plan to switch it back on but they will be implementing a new methodology, to fix the lag issue and as Android 10 get adopted more. They have not committed to a timeframe but we will update this article as soon as we learn more.


Let your customers know where your digital stamp card can be used and trigger location based messages when customers are near your location(s).

Before we get started, THE MOST IMPORTANT concept to understand:


In contrast to notifications delivered to the lock screen when a card is updated with stamps and rewards, location triggered messages are 'passive'.

With this in mind, here's how to add relevant locations and an associated messages that will display on the lock screen of iPhone owners when they have the card installed in Apple Wallet and are in proximity to the location.

1 - Click on the plus icon to add a location.

2a - Add your location details and click on 'Create Location'.

  • Location name: Name of your location (e.g. Abba Java Cafe).

  • Search for location by address: This address will be used to trigger lock screen messages.

  • Address to display: The address that will be displayed on your digital stamp card (if you choose to display an address).

2b - If you already have locations set up, you can simply tap on the plus icon to add the location to this card.

Note: You will need to go back to 'Settings' and 'Locations' to modify the address to display.

3 - Toggle the 'Display' to show this location on your digital stamp card.

4 - Optional: add a message to display on the lock screen when customers are near this location.

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