Adding expiry dates

How long are your digital stamp cards valid for?

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Select from the following expiry options:

  • None

  • Fixed date

  • Fixed period after signup

No expiry
Your digital stamp cards will never expire. Customers can collect stamps and redeem rewards until the end of time.

Fixed date

Your digital stamp cards will expire on a fixed date regardless of when your customers enroll. For example, an expiry of 31 December 2018 mean that customers only have until then to earn stamps and redeem rewards.

This is useful if you want to run a digital stamp card campaign for a fixed period of time (e.g. until the end of the summer, of the Loyalty Card is only for use during 2018). Or perhaps you are running a pop-up shop that you know will be closed or moving on at a certain data so you want your customers to know that they have until a fixed date to enjoy your business (and earn stamps and rewards only during this time).

After the date has been reached the Card will 'expire'.  This means the barcode will be removed / greyed out and the card can no longer be scanned.  This means the customer can no longer collect stamps or 'redeem rewards'. Although if you really wanted to honour rewards after the expiry date you could use the web application to interrogate a customer record.

Fixed period after signup

If you want to provide customers with the same amount of time to collect stamps regardless of when they sign up, select this option. For example, 3 months after signup or 8 weeks after signup. 

This can be useful if you want your customer to complete a certain number of actions within a set period of time.  For example if you are an instructor and the trainee needs to complete their 10 yoga classes within 3 months to enjoy the reward then you might choose a fixed period after signup.

As with the Fixed date option, following the expiry date, the card will expire. Please note that the actual date will be different for each customers. i.e. each card will expire on different dates.

For example, if Joe registers for your Loyalty program on 1 June 2018 and Helen registers for your Loyalty program on 16 June 2018 and you have chosen a 3 months fixed period, Joe will not be able to use his card after 31 August 2018 and Helen will not be able to use her card after 15 September 2018.

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