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Try stamping a digital loyalty card
Try stamping a digital loyalty card

Use the Loopy Loyalty stamper app to virtually stamp a digital loyalty card

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Follow these instructions to try out stamping a demo loyalty card. Ideally you will have 2 smartphones:

  • One phone to save the demo loyalty card to your wallet application and

  • One phone to install the Loopy Loyalty stamper app.

1. Installing the loyalty card in your wallet

Grab your smartphone, and type in your browser, or tap on the button below, or scan the QR code. 

Complete the details, and check the box and tap 'Join Now!'. 

You will now be presented a demo digital loyalty card. 

  • If you are using iOS device make sure you tap 'Add' in there top right corner of your device to ensure the card is saved to your Apple Wallet application

  • If you are using an Android device make sure you tap 'Save' to save the card to your Google Wallet application. And if you don't have Google Wallet available you can save the card to Wallet Passes.

For more information about how to save cards to wallet applications visit this article.

2. Download the Loopy Loyalty Stamper app

On your other phone install the Loopy Loyalty Stamper app from iTunes (iOS device) or Google Wallet (Android Device).

For more information on the Loopy Loyalty Stamper app visit this article.

3. Login to the Loopy Loyalty Stamper app.

Use the following demo credentials to log in to the stamper app

  • Username: admin+appdemo

  • Password: loopydemo2019

Please note that these credentials will not allow you to log in to the Loopy Loyalty dashboard. These credentials just allow you to stamp a card as a sub-user

To create your own card, and access your analytics etc... please sign up for a Loopy Loyalty account here.

4. Scan the card and stamp away!

Using the stamper app, scan the barcode on the Loyalty Card (in your other phone). Tap the + button to add the number of stamps you want, press the stamp button and then tap 'Do it!' to confirm.

You will then see the demo loyalty card update.  Note that both devices must be connected to the internet.

For more information on using the stamper app visit this article.


Now you know how easy it is for your customers to get a digital loyalty card, and how quick and easy it is for you and your staff to stamp, go create your own. 

Your very own digital loyalty program with:

  • Your logo

  • Your colors

  • Your text

  • Your number of stamps

  • Your rewards

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