If you don't have Google Pay, you can save your digital stamp card to Pass2U.

1 - Open your loyalty card URL in your browser app (e.g. Chrome).

2 - Once you fill in your details, scroll down and tap on 'No - add to a different wallet'.

3 - If you don't have Pass2U, tap on 'Install Pass2U'. Once you've installed Pass2U, go back to your browser app and tap on 'Add to Pass2U'.

4 - Tap on 'Download'.

5 - Tap on 'Open' to save this card to Pass2U.

6 - Here's what your digital stamp card will look like in Pass2U. Pass2U replicates what your card looks like in Apple Wallet, and also supports location based messages and push notifications.

How to install your stamp card in Apple Wallet
How to install your stamp card in Google Pay

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