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Part 6a: Adding Customizations to your Card
Part 6a: Adding Customizations to your Card

Customize the default label text on your digital stamp cards

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This feature is only available with the Growth and Ultimate plan.

Change the label text that appear on your digital stamp cards. For example, change the language, add emojis, or simply reword the default label text.

Label text fields are the fields as shown below:

1 - Go to the 'Design' tab and click on 'Custom'.

2 - Type in the new label text you want to display next. You will see a live preview of where this text appears and what your new card will look like.

3 - Fields that are empty will simply use the original, default label text.

4 - Adjust all of the label text as you see fit. You can even add emojis!

By default, all of the fields on the back of the card are automatically capitalized. 

5 - The field Tap Ⓘ for details 👉  appears below the barcode on Apple Wallet to assist new users of Apple Wallet. This field will not show up on Google Wallet. You can leave this text box empty to use the default text.

6 - Save and preview your card. When you're happy with your new label text, activate your card design or tap 'Update all cards' if your card has already been activated. 

Note: you can change the label text at any time.

Here's how the new label text looks:

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