Before activating your card design, be sure to preview your digital stamp card in your phone so that you are 100% happy with it. 

What you can't change after activation:

  1. Card type (e.g. from single reward to multi-reward)

2. Total number of stamps (e.g. from 8 stamps to 12 stamps)

3. Reward logic (e.g. from rewards given on stamp 3 to stamp 4)

4. Expiry details (if any)

5. Unique enrollment fields (if any)

You will not be able to add any new fields to be used to check for unique enrollments. You can disable this, but you will not be able to reenable it.

What you can change later:

  • Colors on your stamp card

  • Logo and stamp/unstamped images

  • Text content that appears on your digital stamp card (e.g. terms & conditions).

  • Locations and beacons

Once you activate your card design simply go back to the 'Edit' tab to make changes.

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