Data collection and customer information

Best practices on what data to collect & setting up your data collection form.

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Why collect data?

By collecting customer information, you're able to learn a whole lot more about your customers and add that extra touch of personalization. For example, greet them by name when they visit your location or send your best wishes to them on their birthday.ย 

What should I collect?

The Basics

  • First name

  • Email address

  • Birthday (you could offer customers a special treat on their birthday or during their birth month!)

Other information you can collect

  • Mobile number

  • Company name

  • Favorite item on the menu

Tip: Less is more. Don't ask for too much information.

Data collection & enrollment form setup

What will appear as a label on your form. (e.g. First Name, Email, Birthday).

Note: do not write your own first name. This is simply used to tell your customers what they will need to fill in.

The format of the data field you are collecting (e.g. text, email, mobile/telephone number, date, number). For example:

  • Birthday: format = date

  • Name: format = text

  • Mobile: format = mobile/telephone number

  • Favorite number: format = number

  • Email: format = email

  • Favorite flavor of ice-cream: format = text

Choose which fields you want to make mandatory or optional on your form.

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