Stamp card colors

How stamp card colors will appear in Apple Wallet and Google Wallet.

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Customize the colors of your card, stamps, and rewards.

Sample Colors Used in Image:

  • Card Color: #FFFFFF

  • Text Color: #82C8C4

  • Stamp Color: #82C8C4

  • Unstamped Color: #82C8C4

  • Strip Background Color: #83C7C7

  • Circle Border Color: #75B9BC

  • Circle Color: #FFFFFF

Multi reward stamp cards include the additional color options:

  • Reward Background Color: #84B1B1

  • Reward Border Color: #FFFFFF

Best practices:

  • Select colors that are in line with your brand guidelines.

  • Make sure that the color of your text is visible.

Google Wallet Stamp Cards

The color of your loyalty card and text in Google Wallet will automatically be generated based on the color(s) of your logo. This is a default feature of Google Wallet and cannot be changed.

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