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Best practices on uploading your logo and icon images.

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You don't need to be a graphic designer or artist to create beautiful loyalty cards for your loyalty program. Here are some best practices and tips:


  • This will appear on the lock screen (see image below).

  • Recommended size: 87 x 87 pixels.

  • Tip: Don't upload an icon image with a transparent background. Otherwise the transparency will be black.

  • This will appear on the top left of your digital stamp card (see image below).

  • Recommended size: 480 x 150 pixels. Logos should have a minimum height of 150 pixels and a maximum width of (height x 3.2).

  • Tip: Upload a logo image with a transparent background (PNG). Left align your logo so that it is aligned to the left of the digital stamp card.


  • Stamped images

  • Unstamped images*

  1. Choose from our library & adjust the color to your liking! OR

  2. Upload your own stamp/unstamped images!

*We automatically add a bit of transparency to all unstamped images. Because, you know, they're unstamped.

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