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Create and Manage Subusers

Learn how to create subusers and track stamps and rewards issued by each staff member & across multiple locations.

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Starter Plan subscribers can have up to 3 active subusers

Growth Plan subscribers can have up to 10 active subusers.
Ultimate Plan subscribers can have up to 50 active subusers.

If you need more than 50 active subusers please get in touch.

What are subusers?

Subusers allow you to provide staff with unique usernames and passwords to log in to the Loopy Loyalty digital stamper app. We recommend creating subusers for different staff members to track stamps and rewards issued by each employee.

Why use subusers?

With Subusers, you can invite team members and staff to use the Loopy Loyalty Stamper app, improving efficiency and productivity. Here's what you can expect:

  1. Improved Team Collaboration: Easily grant access to team members to the Loopy Loyalty stamper app.

  2. Delegated Management: Permit your team members to use the Loopy Loyalty stamper app on their own device.

  3. Increase Efficiency: Empower your team members to handle scanning, stamping and reward tasks, saving time for other priorities.

  4. Enhanced security: Maintain control with the ability to grant and revoke access as needed.

  5. Performance Insights: See who's serving the most customers by monitoring their stamps and rewards given. Gain valuable insights into their contributions to your loyalty program's success.

How to use subusers?

Creating subusers

1 - Log in to Loopy Loyalty and click on the Subusers icon in the left hand menu.

2 - Click on 'Create Subuser' to create a subuser.

3 - Type in a username (must be unique) and password (minimum of 6 characters). Add in additional notes if required. If you have saved a location in 'Settings', you can also assign this subuser to a location for better tracking.

Note: usernames cannot be reused even if you delete that subuser.

Managing subusers

If you want to update a subuser's password, the notes or location associated with that subuser, here's how.

1 - Go to the Subusers page and click on 'Actions'.

2 - Click on 'Edit Subuser' and make any changes necessary. Then click the 'Update Subuser' button to save your changes.

3 - You can also activate, deactivate, and delete subusers. Click on the 'Manage' tab to make any changes.

  • Activated subusers: allowed to log in to the stamper app. This number counts towards the total number of active subusers - up to 3 for Starter plan, up to 10 for the Growth plan and up to 50 for the Ultimate plan.

  • Deactivated subusers:  cannot log in to the stamper app but their record is still listed in Loopy Loyalty. You can activate this subuser at any time and can have as many deactivated subusers as you want.

  • Deleted: subusers cannot log in to the stamper app and they will no longer appear in your list of subusers. You cannot reuse usernames that have been deleted.

Logging in to the Stamper app as a subuser

1 - Open the digital stamper app. Type in your Loopy Loyalty account username + subuser username.

Format: MasterUsername+SubuserUsername

For example: abbajava+wendy.

Then type in your password and log in.

Note: Subusers can only log in to the Loopy Loyalty digital stamper app. Subusers cannot log in to the Loopy Loyalty App online (

Viewing Subusers' Activity

1 - Log in to your Loopy Loyalty account and click on 'Manage' for your card design.

2 - The Overview page displays a list of latest transactions. Click on an event name. You will then see details on that event, including the user or subuser that is linked to that event.

3 - You can also see subuser transactions on the Insights page. Click on the 'Insights' tab.

4 - Scroll down to see the full list of transactions. The column 'User' will tell you which user it came from - your main Loopy Loyalty account or a subuser account.

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