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What's new in Loopy Loyalty?
What's new in Loopy Loyalty?

The spectacular new features & functions. Now available with Loopy Loyalty!

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You told us that you love Loopy Loyalty. And you asked us for more features. So we rallied together and are proud to introduce the bigger, better (and loopier) Loopy Loyalty. Here's what's new:

Create single & multi-reward digital stamp cards

Select a digital loyalty card type that's right for your business. Whether you want to reward your customers after collecting all stamps or provide multiple rewards as they collect more stamps, Loopy Loyalty makes it easy for you to get up and running.

Choose any number of stamps

You're no longer constrained to selecting either 8, 10, or 12 stamps. Now, you can select any quantity of stamps (up to 30) that suits your business needs.

Digital stamp cards supported in Google Wallet 

Use the WYSIWYG designer tool to design and preview your digital stamp card in both Apple Wallet & Google Wallet. All digital stamp cards are automatically enabled to support Apple Wallet (global) and Google Wallet (17+ countries).

This means that your customers can simply save their digital stamp card to their mobile wallet app - no need to install another app. Plus, your business can tap into the native capabilities of Apple Wallet & Google Wallet without touching a line of code 👍

Send targeted push messages

Send engaging, personalized messages to customers & build relationships with them beyond your store(s).  Now you can choose who to send your message to for ultra targeting:

  • All of your customers

  • A segment of your customers (e.g. customers who have earned less than 2 stamps)

  • Individual customers

Whether you want to send a promotional message to everyone, invite your customers to an upcoming event, or simply thank a single customer, you can do it all in just a few clicks. 

Remotely issue stamps & rewards

Give your customers stamps & rewards wherever your customers are in the world - no need to physically scan their digital stamp card! This is perfect for businesses in eCommerce, those that don't see customers face to face, or if you simply want to surprise your customers with a stamp!

Access actionable insights & and full transaction histories

Measure the true ROI of your digital loyalty program with valuable insights from day one. See how many customers have joined your loyalty program, how many stamps you've given out over time, how many rewards have been redeemed, and much more. 

You'll also have access to a list of events & transactions in real-time. From when a customer enrolls to when stamps have been issued, Loopy Loyalty provides you with a full audit trail so that no stamp or reward is left unaccounted for. 

Data integrity

For those that are concerned about data accuracy & integrity, you'll be happy to know that Loopy Loyalty records every single transaction to the secure database.

Capture customer information upon signup

Get to know your customers a little bit more by collecting information upon signup. Greet your customers by name, send them a nice message on their birthday, and build a relationship with each customer in order to accelerate customer loyalty.

Access individual customer insights like never before

Deep dive into each customer's profile and see their full transaction history, when they signed up, how many stamps they've earned, messages you've sent them, when their last visit was, and more.

For example, send them a message if they haven't visited in over a month. Know that their birthday is coming up? Give them an extra stamp! 

Unlimited cards & fixed monthly fee

We want you to have as many customers as possible so all Loopy Loyalty plans come with unlimited cards. You'll be charged the same fixed monthly fee regardless of how many cards you have distributed. All plans come with:

  • Unlimited cards

  • Unlimited stamps you can issue

  • Unlimited rewards you can issue & reward

  • Unlimited transaction records

  • Unlimited customers

  • Unlimited push messages you can send

Extensive how-to guides

We know it can seem scary creating and managing your digital loyalty programs. That's why we've put together a wealth of resources (videos, articles, samples) so that you have everything you need to get started with confidence. 

Live chat support 

Access live chat 24/7 from inside your Loopy Loyalty account. Our team is available to provide you with support and guidance when you need it the most. We promise we're not robots 😃 .

What’s next? 

Take 10 minutes to create a digital stamp card and make the most out of Loopy Loyalty today. 

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