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Creating digital stamp cards
Designing your stamp card
Best practices on designing beautiful digital stamp cards
Best practices on designing beautiful digital stamp cards

Learn how to select colors & the right color combinations to make your digital stamp cards stand out.

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Struggling to select colors for your digital stamp card? Here are a few ways you can ensure that your 

Get colors from an Image

Visit and upload an image of your logo, your advertisement, or something that relates to your brand.

Select the number of colors you want to generate from your image. By default, it will generate 10 colors. Click 'Run'. 

You'll receive a list of colors that are based on the image you've uploaded. Simply copy and paste the color codes into Loopy Loyalty and see which colors work!

Find the right color combinations

Let's say you already have some colors you want to use but you want to see what color combinations would work best on your digital stamp card.

Visit and type in your color (e.g. orange) or the HEX code (e.g. #f06018) and click 'Search'.

When you scroll down, you'll see some color combinations that work well with that color, as well as different shades, tints, and tones of that color. Simply hover over to get the HEX code.

Play around with the colors and adjust where necessary!

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