Loopy Loyalty allows you to send messages to:

  • All of your customers

  • A segment of your customers

  • Individual customers

How Messages Work

Your messages will appear on the lock screen of your customers' device. It looks like a standard notification you normally see on your lock screen (e.g. email, WhatsApp message). Note: Lock screen messages do not trigger a 'buzz' or vibrate.

Apple Wallet users will also see the same message on the back of their card:

Google Pay users will see this message at the bottom portion of their card:

Tips: Sending Messages

To prevent your message from being cut off on the lock screen, we recommend keeping your messages under 90 characters, otherwise your message will be cut off from the lock screen like this:

If you do have a long message, your customers will still be able to see the entire message on their card.


Tips on sending messages to all customers
Tips on sending messages to a segment of customers
Tips on sending messages to an individual customer

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