Stamp card types

Select a stamp card that's right for your business: single reward or multi rewards.

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Loopy Loyalty allows you to create digital stamp cards from scratch or convert your existing loyalty program(s) to digital. Here are the 2 types of stamp cards you can create:

Single Reward

Give 1 reward to customers for collecting all stamps.

For example:

  • Buy 10 coffees to get 1 free coffee.

  • Collect 8 stamps to get a 10% discount off your next purchase.

  • Purchase 5 haircuts and get your 6th haircut on the house.ย 

This type of loyalty program is ideal for coffee shops, bakeries, food trucks, and hair salons who will be giving away 1 reward for collecting all stamps.

Multi Rewards

Reward customers when they reach certain 'milestones' on their stamp card.

For example:

  • Collect 4 stamps to get a free drink, AND

  • Collect 7 stamps to get a free appetizer, AND

  • Collect 10 stamps to get 50% off your meal.

This type of loyalty program is ideal for businesses that want to reward customers at different milestones and incentivize them to come back more often. Multiple rewards work well for restaurants and retailers.

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