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Setting Up a Zapier Integration with Acuity
Setting Up a Zapier Integration with Acuity

Automatically add stamps to your customers Loopy Loyalty card when they make an appointment.

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This article will show you step by step how to set up a Zapier integration from Acuity to Loopy Loyalty. The Zap will add a stamp to your customers card when they book an appointment using Acuity.


  • A Loopy Loyalty account with an Ultimate Plan subscription

  • An activated Loopy Loyalty card design, with an email unique data field enabled

  • A stamp card issued to a customer

  • An Acuity account with at least one calendar and one appointment type set up.

  • An appointment booked in Acuity that uses the same email address as the stamp card holder set up in Loopy Loyalty

  • A Zapier account

Setting up the Zap

Log into your Zapier account and click on 'Create Zap'

Now we need to set up the Trigger. In this example the trigger is the appointment being made in Acuity. So we need to select Acuity as the app.

And select the trigger event, which is New Appointment

In the next step you can choose a specific calendar and/or appointment type to trigger the zap. I only have one calendar and one appointment type so I have left these blank (they are optional fields). Click continue to move on.

Next we will test the trigger is working. You will need an appointment booked in Acuity for the test to work.

A successful test will return the details of the appointment you booked. In the example below the email address is important as this relates directly to the stamp card you have issued.

The next steps add the 'Action' part of the Zap, this is what happens as a result of the trigger.

We need to choose the App and Action Event, so this needs to Loopy Loyalty and Add stamps with unique ID.

The Unique ID is the Unique Data Value set in the Unique Customer Enrolments section. In this case we have set this value to be the email address.

Click continue to set up the action.

In the Unique Id field, select the email address

And then select the number of stamps to be added.

Click continue and test the Zap.

A successful test will show the following result.

And, If I check the card that was updated, I can see the stamp has been applied.

Don't forget to name your Zap and switch it on!

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