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Creating a community loyalty program
Creating a community loyalty program

How can I create a Loyalty Program for a number of different merchants in my community?

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There are many local community (or aggregator) businesses using Loopy Loyalty to help incentivise repeat business across a diverse range of merchants in a local community.

For example, the aggregator business promotes different services to their community, such as:

  • Mortgage brokers - yearly reviews

  • Property Manager - quarterly inspections

  • Carper cleaners - seasonal cleans

  • Blinds cleaning - seasonal cleans

For businesses that use services very infrequently, or even as a one-off, it doesn't really make sense to have a stamp card per business / merchant. 

One way, aggregator / community businesses respond to this challenge is to issue a 'master card' to their members. e.,g. "My Local Community Loyalty Card".

  • Every time a consumer uses one of the 'community services' they get a stamps

  • Or, better yet, aset number of stamps for the amount of money they've spent (e.g. 1 stamp for every multiple of $20) - this works better when the services are in different price ranges e.g. a carper clean could cost $143.99 and they collect 7 stamps, whereas the dog walking service may cost $21.50 and they collect 1 stamp.

The community owner, create and manages sub-users for each of the businesses. And shares the sub-user credentials with the corresponding business in their community. 

This allows the staff in the individual business to download the Loopy Loyalty Stamper app and login with these credentials. Then they can stamp the 'local community loyalty card' using the stamper app according to the 'stamp rules' the aggregator determines. 

It's important to note, that sub-users cannot login to your Loopy Loyalty dashboard, so if the business only offer online services (and doesn't see the consumer in person) they need to inform the aggregator / community leader when a loyalty program member used their service. As the community manager you can then stamp their card using remote stamping.  If you know what e-commerce platform the merchants are using you could set automate this using the Loopy Loyalty Zapier Integration. Obviously this assumes that their e-commerce platform is available in Zapier and they are willing to share their e-commerce log-in with you - so you can connect to their system and build the Zap.

With regards to how to reward the 'local community loyalty card' owners, you'll have to figure out whether a reward comes from you (as the community leader / aggregator) or does a merchant agree to give a reward. For example, do you give them a reward (and how will they receive that reward) or are they entitled to a reward from one of the merchants in your network.  And would the merchant be prepared to give them a reward. This is an important consideration so that your merchant network feels it's fair.  i.e. you don't want one merchant being only a net taker (i.e. consumer spends with them) and another merchant being a net giver (i.e. consumer gets free services from them as a reward).

There are certainly some complexities to work through but it's being done across ther world.  And proving to be very successful.  Especially for community leaders / service aggregators that already have a growing community and a set of merchants with complementary (non competing) services. 

The management of the program would be with you, and developing the business process/business plan and winning over the community of merchants would be key. And obviously having a significant or growing audience of consumers would be important so that merchants feel it's worth their time joining the program / network.

Technically it's all possible with Loopy Loyalty.  The requirement is more on the aggregator / community leader to implement the correct merchant and consumer onboarding, loyalty logic that is fair (across diverse services) and giving the correct level of training and support to the merchant network so they know what to do when a consumer presents their digital loyalty yard. Ultimately the successful aggregators / community leaders have developed and manage a program is a win/win/win.. win for you, win for all the merchants and a win for  the consumers.

We hope this helps and sparks a few ideas. 


P.S. For removal of doubt, an end consumer (the person using the services) does not have a 'Loopy Loyalty account" - they simply add/save the 'Local community loyalty card' in their wallet application.  Apart from subtle 'powered by Loopy Loyalty' on the back of the card (in Apple Wallet) and bottom of the card (in Google Wallet) the end customer doesn't know / have a relationship with Loopy Loyalty.  Perhaps you can think of it as buying a laptop (that has an intel chip inside).  The consumer buys the laptop from Dell, HP, Apple etc.. but has the confidence that the processor is an intel one.. but they never contact or have dealing with Intel. 

In the example above, the only people needing a Loopy Loyalty account would be the aggregator / community leader. This person(s) will sign up for a Loopy Loyalty account and be the 'Master User'. This Master User designs the card(s), sets up the program logic, determines the terms and conditions, sets up the locations, sets up the sub-users etc.. and ultimately manages the program. The Master user would own the account with Loopy Loyalty and would pay their required subscription fees depending on the plan they subscribe to.

The merchants would then each have a Loopy Loyalty sub-user account. As above, this will allow them to install and login to the Loopy Loyalty stamper app so they can give stamps when a consumer presents their loyalty card to them.  The merchants would not pay anything to Loopy Loyalty.

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