Did you know that you can track sales you've generated from your digital stamp cards? By setting a stamp and reward value we will auto calculate the revenue your loyalty program has driven over time. 

To start tracking your revenue, costs and the net benefit of your loyalty program you click on the card in your online dashboard and then navigate to the Insights tab in the left hand menu. 

Set a fixed Stamp Value and Reward Cost. 

Stamp Value: The amount of money your customers need to spend to earn 1 stamp. Let's say you reward your customers with 1 stamp for each coffee and the average price for a coffee in your shop is $5 then your stamp value is $5.

Reward Cost: Your cost to give away a reward. In this example our costs to give away a reward is $2.25

Click Submit and you're done. You can now see how much revenue your rewards program has driven for your business! 

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