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Making the shift from paper to digital loyalty cards
Making the shift from paper to digital loyalty cards

The case for your very own mobile loyalty program

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A few months ago, Bob realised that his paper loyalty cards simply weren’t working. They were quite literally…. rubbish.

He searched online, and quickly found Loopy Loyalty. He enthusiastically signed up.

Eager to be part of the mobile revolution.

Hmm….“maybe this is a little harder than I thought”:

  • Should I go for a single reward or multiple reward card?

  • What should I do with locations?

  • What happens when I click activate?

  • How can I get more customers?

Bob gazed at the screen hoping the answers would appear. Seeing him look rather defeated, Bob’s wife said “have you tried contacting Loopy Loyalty for their advice?”.

What a great idea.

Bob visited the Loopy Loyalty Knowledge Centre and within minutes he was smiling. His mind was buzzing. Full of new ideas. He chatted online with Danny, and even attended one of the webinars.

Bob smiled.

He quickly designed stunning cards and promoted them. Confident he had the best loyalty program in town.

Within hours of launching, more customers were signing up. People were seeing his brand on their phones. Bob became the talk of the town:

  • He has more loyal customers than ever before.

  • His customers tell him how much they love his digital card.

  • He’s loving seeing how much extra money he’s making.

  • AND Bob’s wife is very happy!

We want everyone to be like Bob. So......

Please let us know how we can best support you.

Just reply to this email and tell us what you need. Whatever it is:

  • Maybe it’s hearing more from other Loopy Loyalty users.

  • Maybe it’s more online tutorials or webinars (and please let us know what topics you’d like us to cover).

  • Maybe it’s us checking your campaign before you go live.

Simply tap on the conversation bubble - down there on the right.
And tell us what you need.

And, we’ll make sure you are smiling as much as Bob and his wife. Maybe even more! ;-)

Paul and the Loopy Loyalty team 👍

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