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Promote your loyalty program using business cards
Promote your loyalty program using business cards

A simple but effective approach to distributing your loyalty card

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Businesses are winning significantly more customers using this simple, but highly effective, approach:

  • They print business cards with their logo, their QR code, and their card URL printed on it.

  • On the back of the card they print the link

  • When a customer visits their store, all they do is give them a card. Quick. Simple. Done!

  • The customer then adds the digital loyalty card to their phone.

Here's an example of what the cards look like:

To make things even easier for you:ย 

Download this Adobe Illustrator template, update it with your logo, QR code, images and text and send it straight to your card printers.

This goes against our mission of ridding the world of wasteful paper. But, with this one card, you make it even easier to get your brand into a customers smartphone. You then unlock the power of location based messages and lock screen notifications. And instantly benefit from the power of real time analytics.

Once inside their phone you never have to use wasteful paper or plastic loyalty cards again

We still encourage you to promote your loyalty program on your website, social media, tent cards etc.. but this card may be the quickest and easiest way for your staff to promote your loyalty program. You can even leave a small pile of these cards at your point of sale or on display in your store.


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