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Adding a Custom Background Image to your Digital Stamp Card
Adding a Custom Background Image to your Digital Stamp Card

How to customize your digital stamp card with your own image

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Add an image in the rectangle behind your stamps for an enhanced digital stamp card look.

Here we'll show you 2 examples.

Simple Background Image

1 - Go to the design page and click on 'Background' under 'Colors' to reveal the 'Upload an Image' box.

2 - Using Photoshop or other image editing software, create an image that is 1125 pixels by 432 pixels. Then upload your image.

You can see that this has now replaced the solid color of the rectangle with your image. 

Advanced Background Image

This is perfect for those those that want to use different stamp images. Some examples could be:

  • Each stamp represents a month in the calendar

  • Each stamp is a different bottle of beer

Here's how to set it up.

1 - Select the number of stamps you want on your digital stamp card.

2 - Right click on the image and click "Inspect" or "Inspect Element". 

3 - Copy and paste the URL highlighted below and open it it in a new window. Save the image.

4 - Click in the URL and find where it says 'svg' at the end. Replace 'svg' with 'png' and hit enter.

5 - Right click the image and save this image to your computer.

The reason why we need this image is because it will be used as the template to create your custom background image. This is so that when you issue stamps it goes perfectly where it should.

6 - Open the image in Photoshop and place your custom stamp images/designs over each circle. 

When you've completed every stamp, hide or delete the original image that you downloaded and export your image.

7 - Now it's time to create your unstamped image. This is what will cover up the images above. Open a new document in Photoshop and create a canvas size of 200 pixels by 200 pixels. Create your unstamped image and export it as a PNG. In this case, it's going to be a yellow circle.

8 - Before uploading your images to Loopy Loyalty, we need to adjust a few settings.

a - Stamp circle: set the opacity to 0.
b - Stamp circle border: set the opacity to 0.
c - Stamped image: set the opacity to 0.

The opacity is the last field in the brackets. This is to make your custom background image and unstamped image visible.

9 - Upload your background image and unstamped image.

10 - Preview this on your device and when you're happy with it, activate your card design!

This is what your card will look like when it's blank (left) and when you've issued stamps (right).

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