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How to Promote your Loyalty Program on a Tent Card
How to Promote your Loyalty Program on a Tent Card

Follow these steps to designing & printing your tent card

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Tent cards are a great way to promote your loyalty program in your physical location. Place them on tables or by your cashier for customers to easily scan to join your loyalty program.

1 - Download this Photoshop template.ย 

2 - Customize the front and back panels of your tent card. You'll see exactly which images and text you should replace in the layers panel on the right. Simply double click and add your own images and text.

3 - Export your front and back panels as a PNG or JPG.

4 - Download this print template in Photoshop or Illustrator. Place your front and back panel images (from step 3) in the dotted area as outlined.

5 - Save this document and send it to your print shop for printing! The dimensions for the this tent card is 4 x 6 inches.

โ€‹In addition to, or instead of tent cards have you considered using business cards? Check this article out for more information, including a free Adobe Illustrator template file.

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