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Why shouldn't I develop my own app?
Why shouldn't I develop my own app?

Tap into the native capabilities of Apple Wallet & Google Wallet

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With Loopy Loyalty, you can get your brand into your customers' smartphone without developing an app.

Some of the challenges that come with developing a custom app include:

  1. Large upfront cost. Developing an app isn't cheap. Costs will increase depending on what features/functionality you require. Check out this calculator to estimate how much an app would cost you. ย 

  2. Time. Building an app isn't going to happen overnight. Be prepared to invest months. Then there's the wait to get it approved on the App Store or Play Store.

  3. Ongoing costs. Discovered a bug? You need to fix it. Apple or Google just released a new version of the OS? You need to make sure it works on the latest version. Plus old versions as not all customers may have upgraded to the new OS.

  4. Low download rates. And after all of this, there's no guarantee that your customers will install your app.

That's why many of the businesses using Loopy Loyalty globally love the fact that cards work out of the box with Apple Wallet and Google Wallet.ย 

  1. They get to access the native capabilities of Apple Wallet & Google Wallet,

  2. They don't need to develop an app, and

  3. Their customers don't need to install a 3rd party app ๐Ÿ‘

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