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Go live & launch checklist
Go live & launch checklist

Things to consider when preparing to launch your digital stamp cards with customers.

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Before going live and distributing your digital stamp cards to customers, here are some things to consider:

Promotion & Distribution

  • How do you plan on distributing digital stamp cards to customers? 

  • Will you be promoting this publicly on your social media channels? 

  • Do you want to print out a QR code and place it on a tent card in your store? 

  • Will only a select number of customers receive a digital stamp card?

Staff Training

At a minimum, staff should know how digital stamp cards work, how to use the digital stamper app to issue stamps & redeem rewards, and how to answer basic customer questions relating to your digital stamp cards.

Common customer questions:

Engaging with Customers

  • How often should you send messages to customers?

  • What type of messages do you want to be sending?

  • Do you have a 'content calendar'?

In your location(s)

  • Do you have access to Wifi/data? If you are using the digital stamper app you will need to be connected.

  • Did you install the stamper app on a device that staff will be using? Have you tested it?

  • Are your device(s) charged? The worst thing is to have a customer wait to receive a stamp.

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