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Loyalty card ideas salons, spas, massage parlors, and more.

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Businesses in the service industry such as:

  • Nail salons

  • Hair salons / barber shops

  • Brow salons

  • Spas

  • Massage parlors

sometimes struggle with getting a high volume of traffic to their location.

While these businesses may already have ‘regulars’, their frequency of visits may be low. Here are some examples in which service businesses can drive more traffic to their stores/locations & increase cash flow.

Single reward stamp cards


  • Buy a package of 10 eyebrow waxing sessions for 10% off.

  • Pre-purchase 8 foot massages and get 1 free.

  • Purchase 10 waxing sessions and get 2 free.

  • Get groomed 4 times & your next one’s on us!

  • Get 1 stamp for every perm, trim, or haircut. Collect 5 stamps to get 1 free hair wash.

  • Buy a package of 8 facials and get 20% off.

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