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Do you offer a white label version of Loopy Loyalty?
Do you offer a white label version of Loopy Loyalty?

Referral, reseller and partner opportunities with Loopy Loyalty.

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We do not offer a white label (whitelabel) option or sub accounts, but many partners across the world are profiting by helping local businesses make the most out of digital stamp cards.

You can choose one of the following options:

  • Loopy Loyalty Affiliate - selling Loopy Loyalty to local business owners and earning a commission every time a business converts from a free Loopy Loyalty account to a paid account.

  • Loopy Loyalty Agent - managing Loopy Loyalty campaigns on behalf of their clients and providing this as a paid service to local business owners.

How to sell Loopy Loyalty as an affiliate

  1. Sign up as a Loopy Loyalty affiliate here

  2. Complete your profile

  3. Loopy Loyalty will then approve your application (usually within 24 hours)

  4. Get your referral link from the Loopy Loyalty assets page (e.g.

  5. Share this link with your local businesses. 

You can use this link to share online (for example on your Facebook page, Twitter Feed or website) or use the link to sign up local businesses if you visit them in person.

Loopy Loyalty will automatically track if the local business converts from a free account to a paid account.  You will earn 25% recurring commission for the first 12 months of every paying customer. That's $54 for a Starter Plan Subscriber, $150 for a Growth Plan Subscriber and $195 for an Ultimate Plan Subscriber. You don't need to worry about minimum sales or limits on commissions you can earn; the sky is the limit.

How to sell Loopy Loyalty as an agent.

  1. Set up a number of Loopy Loyalty accounts on behalf of your local business owners. One Loopy Loyalty account for each client / local business owner.

  2. You design the cards.

  3. You provide ongoing management services. For example:

  • Help your local business owners promote and distribute the digital stamp cards

  • Analysing the data & providing summary reports

  • Managing the targeted push messages

  • Updating card details at appropriate times. 

  • Continually optimising the loyalty campaign for the small business owner, so they see increasing return on investment (more traffic, more repeat business, more loyal customers).

Our partners typically charge a fee to their clients (local business owners) for this service. Some partners prefer to charge a one time fee for set-up (e.g. US$350 to design the card, set up the loyalty program, and train staff). While other partners prefer to charge a monthly 'service fee' (e.g. US$50 per month) to manage the loyalty campaign on behalf of the local business.  Please note the actual fee depends on geography and what is normal to provide these advisory and support services.  

The small business either subscribes directly to Loopy Loyalty using their credit card, or our agent partner subscribes to Loopy Loyalty using their credit card (i.e. they have a number of accounts each charging to their credit card and then include this cost in the total fee they invoice their clients, potentially with some margin added, if they feel that's appropriate.)

White labelling 

Ultimately we have found that white labelling is not required, and as long as you add value for your clients then there is no risk that a small business will use Loopy Loyalty themselves. 

Think of it this way - there is no need to white label Facebook's advertising platform. If you are able to help small business use Facebook's ad platform, then a small business employs your services (and doesn't use Facebook's ad platform themselves).

Hope this helps and thank you for helping more small business owners take advantage of Loopy Loyalty and digital stamp cards 😃

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