Yes it is absolutely possible.  And we know your local businesses will value and pay for your service.

There are already many businesses (agencies, entrepreneurs, development shops, internet marketers etc..) across the world who are managing Loopy Loyalty campaigns on behalf of their clients, and providing this as a paid service to local business owners.

How to do it:

  1. Set up a number of Loopy Loyalty accounts on behalf of your local business owners. One Loopy Loyalty account for each client / local business owner.
  2. You design the cards.
  3. You provide ongoing management services. For example:

Charging your clients

Our partners typically charge a fee to their clients (local business owners) for this service - the actual fee depends on geography. Some partners wrap the 'Loopy Loyalty management fee' into other services they provide. (e.g. managing their website, social media management, event management, end customer support, accounting etc.).  

The local business either subscribes directly to Loopy Loyalty using their credit card, or our partner subscribes to Loopy Loyalty using their credit card. i.e. the partner has a number of Loopy Loyalty accounts each charged to their credit card and then invoice this back to their clients, potentially with some margin added, if they feel that's appropriate.

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