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What happens after my 15 day free trial?
What happens after my 15 day free trial?

Find out what will happen to your account after your trial is over.

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1. Account Lockdown

Once your 15 day free trial period is over, you will not be able to:

  • Access anything inside your Loopy Loyalty account (e.g. view analytics, send messages to customers, modify your card designs, create new card designs).

  • Issue stamps or redeem rewards.

2. Cards will be Invalidated

On day 16, all of the active cards (i.e. cards your customers have installed) will be invalidated, meaning that they will not be able to receive stamps, redeem rewards, or receive messages from you anymore.

Keep your account active!

All you need to do is upgrade your account to keep your cards active. We wouldn't want your customers to be unhappy if they weren't able to receive a stamp or redeem their rewards!

Rest assured, we will remind you several times before your 16 day free trial period is over.

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