Apple Wallet is a native application that is installed (and cannot be deleted) in all iPhones that have iOS6 and above (so basically all iPhones).  It is available in globally.

While the application, Apple Wallet, is available globally we do find that customers are more familiar where Apple Pay has been rolled out. i.e. Customers can add their credit card to Apple Wallet and use it to make payments.  But please note that a customer does not have to use Apple Pay to add your card to the wallet.

Because there are many 'flavours' of Android, Google Wallet is not installed as standard and typically is only available where Google Wallet has been rolled out. This means in countries wherever a customer can add their credit card to Google Wallet.  Once a customer has added a credit card to Google Wallet, the application cannot be deleted.

Irrespective of whether Apple Pay or Google Wallet has been rolled out in your country, your customers can still enjoy the benefits of your Loopy Loyalty Card. So,
Loopy Loyalty is available in every country.

  • If your customer is an iOS user then they will use Apple Wallet.

  • If they are an Android user in a Google Wallet supported country then they will use Google Wallet

  • If they are an Android user in a country that doesn't yet support Google Wallet they will use Wallet Passes.

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