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10 Ways to Give Stamps for Actions Other than Purchases
10 Ways to Give Stamps for Actions Other than Purchases

Looking for creative ways to drive engagement and grow your loyalty program? Consider giving stamps for actions other than purchases.

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Your business is already leveraging the use of digital stamp cards and has already reaped the fantastic benefits. Current customers are visiting more frequently, and new customers are happy to hear that they’ll be rewarded for repeat business.

Still, you want to give your loyal customers even more. After all, they’re your lifeblood – but how can you reward customers with digital stamps besides doling them out after purchases?

If you can’t think of answers, we have 10 different ways to give stamps for actions other than purchases.

Some examples of Loopy Loyalty stamp cards.

1. Social Media Check-ins

Have you considered adding a social component to your loyalty program? Your loyalty program isn’t just about rewarding customers. It’s about encouraging ongoing communication. And when a customer checks in on Instagram or Facebook, your business’s name is displayed for that customer’s friends and followers to see. There’s no denying this type of exposure is great for your business. So how about giving your customers a little incentive and reward them with an extra stamp for a social check-in?

2. Leaving an Online Review

According to online studies, 6 out of 10 customers now look online for reviews on a local store or restaurant. Furthermore, 57% of customers expect local businesses to have over 11 online reviews.

With that in mind, online reviews are vital to a business’s success in today’s climate – so give customers a helpful nudge towards posting a review of your business on Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor or Yelp with a digital stamp. Check out this post for another 10 tips to encourage customers to leave reviews for your business online.

3. Signing up for Your Program

Some customers are hesitant to sign up for loyalty programs. They’re usually worried about ending up on a mailing list.

Quell those notions by immediately rewarding new loyalty customers for the simple act of joining your program. It’ll make your intentions seem a bit more generous and geared towards fostering a mutually beneficial customer/business relationship.

4. Charity Donations

There’s no better way to establish goodwill towards your brand than by rewarding customers not for purchasing your product – but donating money to a good cause. In fact, studies show that 72% of customers felt better about a company after donating to a cause at the counter. Double down on those warm and fuzzy feelings by rewarding customers with a digital stamp or two for their good deed.

5. Feedback Emails

While Google reviews are great for SEO and convincing other customers to shop at your store, they are – in a sense – a form of advertising. Whereas, a feedback email is strictly focused on improving your business as a whole – especially when it’s negative feedback.

When an unhappy loyalty customer takes the time to let you know where you’ve gone wrong, show them your appreciation for their honesty by giving them a digital stamp. A loyalty reward in this scenario can flip a negative situation into a positive.

6. Celebrating a Birthday

Town Shoes ltd., a Canadian-based shoe company, provides customers with additional loyalty points on a purchase when buying shoes on their birthday.

The idea is excellent – but you can even give digital stamps on a customer’s birthday without them making a purchase. It’s the kind of personalization and attention that turns customers who just happen to be on your loyalty program into fiercely loyal customers.

7. Just for Visiting

Sometimes customers want to pay a visit to your store to see if there are any new offers or maybe to do some window shopping.

If you’re a local business, other customers seeing you interact with a regular who’s merely stopping by might be impressed with the way you treat people who aren’t making a purchase. So, reward those drop-ins with a digital stamp.

8. Spreading Holiday Cheer

December can weigh heavily on your customers’ bank accounts. Help take some of the financial weight off their shoulders by with digital stamps. Believe us when we tell you, they’ll appreciate the gesture.

9. Attending a Customer Appreciation Event

Whether you throw a BBQ or a picnic, it’s always wise to host a customer appreciation day at least once a year. Hammer home just how much you appreciate those in attendance by offering additional digital stamps for those in attendance.

10. Visiting Your Business with a Non-Loyalty Customer

Some loyalty customers inadvertently refer new customers to your store by popping in with someone who wasn’t previously aware your business existed.

There might not have been an ulterior motive in bringing in a new potential customer, but your loyalty customer’s action has provided you with an opportunity. Reward them with a digital stamp in kind. From there, they’ll be bringing in new friends every time they visit!

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