Users coming from our old platform will need to move to the new Loopy Loyalty app as soon as possible as we will discontinue the old platform on 30th September 2017.

We have developed a completely new application with significant upgrades to the platform - including support for Android Pay, better push messaging, multiple rewards, and upgraded analytics.  And we have bunch of more features on the way. 

Unfortunately we do not have a way of transferring old Loopy Loyalty accounts to this new application. 

You can still use the same email address to register a new account, but we can't migrate your card designs from the old application to the new one.

Our recommendation is to set up your new Loopy Loyalty account today for free here -

When done, re-create your card design using the new platform and start asking your current stamp card users to install the new stamp card. 

When they have done this you can apply their current stamp balance to their new card directly from the new Loopy Loyalty dashboard (cool eh?) and ask them to discard their old stamp card.

Creating your account
Quick start guide
Issue stamps from the dashboard
Transferring customers stamps

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